Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Remains of the Day (01/24)

Food & Wine: Every Pop-Tarts flavor, taste-tested and ranked

Boy Culture: Elton John will retire from touring, but only after 300 farewell concerts #cherliberally

Aleteia: Novak Djokovic: "Before I am an athlete, I am an Orthodox Christian"

The New York Times: I was tortured in gay conversion therapy, and it's still legal in 41 states

NRP: Judge sentences disgraced U.S. Olympics doctor Larry Nassar up to 175 years in prison: "I just signed your death warrant"

The Advocate: Inside the fight for Marsha P. Johnson's legacy

Watch: When it comes to gay hookups, how many is too many?

Literary Hub: Are children of queer families more than allies?

The Film Experience: Grieving the Oscar shut-outs

Wired: How the "religious freedom division" threatens LGBT health -- and science

Hunk du Jour: In bed with model Kerry Degman

Tennis Life: Federer's stars aligning with win over Berdych

Time: Bradley Cooper wrote an article when he was 18 about being friends with benefits

Chicago Tribute: Artist sues pet shelter for custody of cat, gets hour's visitation a week

The New Yorker: How Aly Raisman's leadership reformed women's gymnastics -- and heralded Larry Nassar's downfall

OMG Blog: Fashion model Jeff Tomsik displays his flaccid member

Pink News: Yance Ford becomes the first transgender director to be nominated for an Oscar

The Washington Post: Video shows Park Police fired nine shots into Bijan Ghaisar's Jeep at close range, killing him

TVLine: Max Greenfield talks shocking "Versace" transformation, shares the real perk of working with Ryan Murphy

Hot Cat of the Day: Harvey had been without his tabletop "penthouse" for a month -- he was a bad boy and "acted out" in it when we had an overnight guest that didn't sit well with him -- but he sure was happy when this package arrived.

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