Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Remains of the Day (01/10)

Baseline: How do I get an invite to this party?

The Washington Post: The persistent myth that revealing clothing leads to rape

The New York Times: DACA program must stay in place for now, judge says

AmericaBlog: John Aravosis on the prospect of President Oprah

Dlisted: Open post hosted by Diet Coke's new millennial bait

Boy Culture: The amazingly Well-Strung, unambiguously gay duo of "The Amazing Race"

New York Post: MLB agent caught allegedly filming players in shower

The New Yorker: In the 1970s and '80s, a serial killer raped more than 50 women and likely murdered 10 or more people -- and was never caught

The Daily News: University of Pennsylvania student Blaze Bernstein found dead in California, authorities investigating as homicide

The WoW Report: Season 4 of “Grace and Frankie” starts on Jan. 19 (with Lisa Kudrow!)

PinkNews: Danica Roem sworn in as first trans state representative in the U.S.

Towleroad: James Franco addresses sexual assault claims with Colbert: "If I have done something wrong, I will fix it"

CNN: Catherine Deneuve denounces #MeToo in open letter

Outsports: Gay Australian athlete couple among first to marry as same-sex marriage becomes legal

HuffPost Queer Voices: Sean Hayes reveals his mom's heartbreaking reaction when he came out at 18

Daily Intelligencer: Darrell Issa becomes 30th House Republican to announce retirement

Greg in Hollywood: Are bobsledders the hottest men in the Olympics? (Answer: YES.)

The Gay Almanac: Birthday boy Sal Mineo sure was a little cutie

OMG Blog: Former "American Idol" contestant shows he's got porn potential

JoeMyGod: Donald refuses to commit to interview with Mueller


Anonymous said...

"Are bobsledders the hottest men in the Olympics?


jaragon said...

Sal Mineo was a fascinating man his interview in "Conversations with My Elders" by Boze Hadleigh- is must read

jaragon said...

The MLB agent was just making sure the future pro baseball jocks had all the right equipment.

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