Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hyeon Chung Beats Tennys Sandgren in Australian Open Quarterfinal

Another wild night in Melbourne, as Angelique Kerber channeled her inner 2016 self to demolish Madison Keys (who I wanted to win the whole thing), Simona Halep destroyed Karolina Plishkova (who was about to be up two breaks in the first set before completely going away) and Hyeon Chung's Himderella story continued as he took out Tennys Sandgren, 6-4, 7-6 (7-5), 6-3 to advance to the semifinals. (It was a highly entertaining match!)

I was curious if the commentators would acknowledge the controversy surrounding the ugly American's social-media posts, and to my surprise they did. Patrick McEnroe, who isn't usually my favorite, impressed me by not giving Sandgren a slide for being new to life in the spotlight, calling some of his views flat-out wrong. 

But then Chris Fowler chimed in, calling Sandgren “thoughtful,” before adding that folks labeling him are doing so “without insight and research.”

Um, no. I had just complimented McEnroe via Twitter when I heard this, so I immediately responded to Fowler (above). No one is saying Sandgren can't learn from his mistakes. But there are consequences for your words and actions, and letting him off the hook because he seems like a "nice guy" just isn't acceptable. 

I for one don't find people making fun of the LGBT community to be very nice

Ball's in your court, Tennys.

Serena's tweet when Sandgren's match came up on was pretty great!

UPDATE: Looks like a double fault. Now the alt-right-curious player is blaming the media for his problems, a la Donald. Read HERE.

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