Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Billy Little Christmas

Hope everyone had a very nice Christmas. Damian and I were very fortunate this year as my brother Terence and his sister Marci were able to join us for the festivities. (And Terence and I were very fortunate to spend the holidays with a family like the Verons, whom I consider my own now.) Normally Damian's brood is a "Christmas Eve family," where they have a huge dinner and then open presents at midnight. But because Marci wasn't able to get to town until Christmas morning, Damian's sister-in-law, Jessica, decided to host a get-together at her new pad in Jersey City. 

Terence, me, Damian, Raquel, Jeff (behind Raq), Christine (Jeff and Jessica's mom) and Jessica (sitting hold Zoe)

The meal was absolutely incredible -- a combination of Polish (three kinds of pierogies, borscht with mushroom dumplings, fish) and Argentine (empanadas from a bakery in Union City) plus a bunch of other stuff -- and Jessica surprised Terence (whom she'd never met) and me with these personalized candles in remembrance of our brother Bill. 

Eternal flame ...

Zoe was the star of the evening!

Back in Chelsea, Damian and I cleaned up with more presents than anyone deserves. Lots of clothes, household goods, new wingtips (for me!) and gift cards from our favorite stores. Then my sister, Jennifer, got the waterworks flowing yet again with this custom keychain she had made with Bill's handwriting. Life will never be the same, but one thing is for sure: Bill will never be far from any of our hearts. xo

With the visitors: Marci and Terence

The whole fam damilia

With Damian's sweet mom, Elsa

The World Trade Center got in the spirit 

The big winner, of course, was Harvey -- who absolutely loved the "present" from Aunt Jennifer!

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JimmyD said...

It looks like you kids had a wonderful holiday!! :)