Monday, November 20, 2017

Song of the Day: 'Inka Dinka Doo' by Jimmie Durante

Does anyone (around) my age have any idea why when this song came on "Phyllis" the other night -- yes, we got the DVDs and are enjoying every second of them! -- I immediately knew every word like it was a Blondie hit from my youth? If no one knows, maybe my mom will be able to figure it out when I get to Phoenix tomorrow for the holidays.


jrheget said...

OMG me too! Kinda unsettling, isn't it?

Thomas Straley said...

I’m glad you got the Phyllis DVDs. Looks like that company has so many things you can’t get anywhere else.

Nic Lydon said...

Michael J Fox sings this song in the movie Greedy.

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