Friday, November 10, 2017

Rocker Kathy Valentine on the #MeToo Fallout

I'm a fan and friend. But I would love this perspective even if I weren't:
People sure are complicated and fucked up, and we all have to make judgments: do we go see Woody Allen's latest, do we watch the Casey Affleck movie? Harvey W was a bigger-than-life character, with an eye for talent and stories, but also a predatory blowhard scumbag. Kevin Spacey, brilliant, but wtf?? Miles Davis being a mean jerk never stopped me from swooning over his music. Chuck Berry illegally watching girls pee didn't stop him from ruling. Masturbators and humpers and rapists and gropers --all the entitled assholes with money and power who think they can do anything and get away with it. But it's been happening all along. Michael Jackson, Roman Polanski, all the politicians Dem and GOP. Phil Spector tormenting women and artists he worked with, Ike Turner. Not to mention the murderers, OJ, Robert Blake. The thing to celebrate here is that women and other victims are pulling back the curtain. They are empowered, and every voice that speaks up gives them more power. I'm not into an internet lynch mob pile-on for any of these guys who are being called out, but if careers and life work are collateral damage for a shift in consciousness about what is decent, human rights stuff behavior, so be it.

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