Saturday, November 11, 2017

Page 1 Roundup (11/11)

The right is having a field day with the outspoken liberal, but I'm not having much of it. Takei is not  running for elected office nor does he have any power or clout pretty much anywhere, so even if it were 100% true it wouldn't be comparable to things Roy Moore and Donald Trump have admitted to doing

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Atagahi said...

Yeah, as uncomfortable as it makes me, this case is not as cut and dried as people would like to make it. I'm bothered by my own reaction to it and am doing some soul-searching, even should it turn out to not be credible.

Why don't we expect better for ourselves as gay men? Was it because we were sexual outlaws for so long and couldn't get help when raped? Is it because we've internalized some sense of inferiority? Or are we so steeped in male sexuality and the accompanying rape culture that we just brush off what would be offensive behavior in any other context?

I don't know the answer. I'm just troubled that my first reaction is to blame the victim when I know that is the wrong response. But even if I wouldn't do that to a female victim, here I find myself, uncomfortably supporting rape culture in a different way just because I'm gay and expect less from other gay men than I'd expect from straight men.

David Rich said...

I've been often thinking about to stop reading your blog. I now should. You are horrible.

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