Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Remains of the Day (11/15)

Boy Culture: "Meat" this CrossFit stud ... and he's got a brother

D-Listed: Coming out as polyamorous has cost Nico Tortorella and his partner an invitation to holiday family dinner

Towleroad: Six Democrats introduce multiple articles of impeachment against Trump

Definition: So many memories of these defunct chain restaurants, like Burger Chef, Lum's and Sambo's ... there was a Mr. Steak right by my house on 13 Mile Road!

Greg in Hollywood: Turning 38 looks very good on this sexy Brazilian actor and model

Think Progress: Roy Moore’s attorney claims MSNBC host is too "diverse" to understand Alabama dating norms

MeTV: Iconic Mary Tyler Moore statue is back in downtown Minneapolis

HuffPost Queer Voices: From Liz Smith to Kevin Spacey, how the Hollywood closet endured and caused harm

The New York Times: Liz Smith's complicated relationship with the closet

BuzzFeed: The newly appointed editor of Gay Times magazine, Josh Rivers, has been suspended for posting dozens of offensive tweets

The New Yorker: Eric Holder's battle against gerrymandering

OMG Blog: Disney star Kenton Duty can't stop stroking his dong

Elle: But is Blake Shelton the sexiest man alive?

Town and Country: See inside Jackie Kennedy's childhood Park Avenue apartment

Savage Love: Butt play with strings attached

SFGate: Debra Chasnoff, Oscar-winning artist and activist whose films redefined gay families, dies at 60

Reuters: Pentagon pays for service member's gender-reassignment surgery

AARP: Mike Albo on how society can help prepare the LGBT community as they age

TVLine: "Difficult People" canceled by Hulu after three seasons

Back2Stonewall: FBI reports 62.8% of sexual-orientation crimes in 2016 were against gay men

The WoW Report: Emmy Rossum set to star as mysterious billboard queen Angelyne in new series

Kitty of the Day: Meet my brother-in-law's new niece, Zoe Zosheeni, who took one month to brave the staircase. "Now she won't stop running up and down!"


Anonymous said...

when asked for comment, kenton replied "because it's there..."

Bryce said...

Good. First season of "Difficult People" was nice, but unbelievable how Hulu shoehorned a joke against a different streaming service in every episode? It felt really uncomfortable and forced after a while. Like if you’re so threatened by Yahoo! Screen that you have to force the writers of one of your shows to make a joke about it, you probably should just stop.

Bobby said...

Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner might be good comedians, but they’re awful actors who don’t know the comedic timing. It’s like they’re reading the prompter while acting their scenes.

Rix said...

Sambos' original restaurant is still open down by the beach in Santa Barbara.

jaragon said...

The Cross Fit bros are hot- the Disney star seems to be auditioning for Corbin Fisher...

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