Monday, October 09, 2017

Page 1 Roundup (10/09)

The Daily News: I love how the GOP is trying to turn Harvey Weinstein's bad behavior into a political issue because he donates to Democrats -- yet the completely illogical reasoning fails even harder when the guy's own company FIRED him while Republicans elected their (admitted) sex criminal president.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune: Hollywood outrage mute for an insider

My former colleague Mary who moved back to Minnesota writes:

Let me count the ways this article is a fail.

1. False equivalency. The Access Hollywood tape was a smoking gun in a political campaign, with the prize being leader of the free world. The scumbaggery in Hollywood was perpetrated by the leader of ... a movie studio. Only one of those people has the power to end civilization as we know it.

2. Victim blaming. The whole tenor of this article is "Why didn't these women do more to stop him?" (Free bonus tip! Look for the victim-blaming tactic anytime a powerful man -- hell, any regular dude -- is accused of sexual harassment/assault.)

3. Attempted normalization. The article allows agenda setting by Conway, et. al: "See, all powerful men do it!" -- trying to cast this as regular mogul behavior. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. #resist

The New York Post: Meryl Streep tears into Harvey Weinstein, says "not everyone" knew about his vile behavior

Rockefeller Center ice rink opens to 80 degree weather (what climate change?) / Read HERE.

The New York Times: The timing of this "Honeymooners" play is prescient because Damian just introduced me to "Honeymooners '93" on "In Living Color" reruns. (How did I miss this genius show -- "All Up in the Family," anti-gossip queen Miss Bernita Burtrell and Homey D. Clown have me dying! (I did know "Men on ..." from going to Revolver, however!)

The Wall Street Journal: Meet the World’s Most Interesting Hockey Player

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