Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hunks of 'House Hunters'

HGTV pitched this one as:
A young couple decides to trade the bustling city life of San Francisco for a calmer one in the suburbs of the East Bay. One of the buyers is a geologist, so finding a home on level ground might be trickier than they think.
But as far as I could see, a better description would have been: 
A young woman who looks like a character on "Saturday Night Live" decides she needs to get her incredibly hot geologist husband out of San Francisco ASAP before the guys in the Castro go "Suddenly Last Summer" on his ass.

I mean, look at this guy. Our only consolation seems to be that he's boring, if that matters.

More pics of this mixed-attractiveness couple hunky rock hunter HERE.


jaragon said...

Ken he could be your long lost twin

Peter Maria said...

Off topic, but when I heard about this anti-misophonia product on the radio yesterday, I immediately thought of you. You'll have to use a Japanese to English translation service (I prefer Google's, and if you use Chrome, it should automatically ask you if you'd like to translate the page). The DJ said they were only making 5000 of these forks, and that the cost was $130.

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