Thursday, September 28, 2017

Debbie Harry Recounts Her Move to the East Village in 1965

Damian was in the East Village getting his hair cut this afternoon so snapped this photo of the new Blondie mural by Shepard Fairey on Bleecker off the Bowery.

Debbie Harry recently told Time Out New York about her big exodus from Hawthorne, N.J.:
When I moved here in 1965, I was living as an independent young adult. I was no longer at home with my family, and my time was my own as I saw fit. And that can be a major adjustment for a lot of people. I had to find a job. I had to find an apartment. Those are pretty major things. Once I did that, I felt my way around and met people and went to concerts. 
My first apartment was at St. Mark’s Place and Avenue A. I lived across the street from Tompkins Square Park. At that time, there were always bands playing free concerts in the park. I saw a lot of bands that didn’t turn into anything. I wasn’t trying to be a musician at that time.
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Returning to the scene decades later

After having roommates through college (Phoenix), and moving to Orange County and Los Angeles, my first apartment on my own was an efficiency in the Ravenel on 16th Street NW in Washington. The year was 1993 and the rent was $475!

Where was YOUR first apartment on your own?


Warren said...

49th and 10th. $450. 1982. I was 18. I worked at Canal Jeans. Best time of my life.

Fernando said...

10th street between 1st and 2nd.

Jim Foy said...

73 E 3rd St $425 a one bedroom next to Hell's Angels, 1983.

Jeffery said...

1975 - 332 South 16th Street Philadelphia Pa fourth floor walk up studio no kitchen $80 a month heat and utilities included. I lived there for 23 years.

Neal said...

Mine was a second floor of an old house in downtown Wilmington, NC. Although the house was renovated, the floors all pitched at 10 degree angles, the shower was tiny, and the A/C couldn't compete with the brutal coastal NC heat. The house was also on the border between yuppie street and poor street. That apt is my favorite place I've ever lived.

Drew Landis said...

I was in the Ravenel as well! Fall 1991 for about a year. Then I moved up to the Washington House on 16th and Florida (just above U Street).

Have you seen how much they charge now?!

jo gerardo said...

1980, $200 all bills paid with central a/c in the Houston Montrose. It was a super large efficiency with an extra loft, half of a two bedroom house. The other half didn't have a roof and was "condemned". I lived across the street from an old artist that had numerous male prostitutes living with him. They would workout in the back yard and sold pot. I once went to Galveston for a week and forgot to lock my door, there was no way to close the door without locking it, it just swung open. I came home and they were guarding my stoop. Nice guys.

Todd Bailey said...

San Diego on Bankers Hill! Then, Hoboken sublet! I lived on 16th and 3rd in Gramercy Park later. Loved that loft. I miss being a dancer.

Richard Hicks said...

10th street + west side highway; lived through widening of the highway and the redo of the Pier

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