Thursday, August 24, 2017

Racing Down the Bowery

I'd have never believed this would be happening 36 years ago when I was playing my Blondie records during a game of spin-the-bottle at my junior-high Halloween party. (I never got that damn bottle to land on Craig, btw!) Here are a couple of Barbara Sicuranza's photos from the unveiling of Shepard Fairey's new Blondie/Debbie Harry mural on Bleecker off the Bowery. 

Chris Stein says because the building is landmarked the art must be changed over every two years so the mural of Joey Ramone with the boxing gloves in now underneath this..

Shepard Fairey pretends not to be horrified by someone's tattoo of his work.

Joey put up a good fight, but Blondie wins in a technical knockout! 

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