Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Song of the Day: 'Fickle Public Speaking' by Vaughn Toulouse

Say what you will about the good old days, I can no longer imagine life without 24 access to just about every imaginable fact there is. I spent my high school days reading about and studying all things Paul Weller, but there was very little to be found in the suburbs of Phoenix. One name that always intrigued me was Vaughn Toulouse, who was signed to the Style Councillor's Respond Records but whose music never made it into my little orbit of MTV, "Night Flight" and "Rock Over London" on KROQ. I hadn't thought of him in decades, so imagine my surprise when he was profiled last week on the AIDS Memorial Instagram page, where I learned he had actually died back in 1991. While the news was sad, it led me to hearing him perform solo for the first time, performing a song written by Weller that has the Jam-man's prints all over it! 

(The first time at all was when Vaughn sang on "Soul Deep," Weller's single to benefit striking miners in the U.K. back in '84,billed as the Council Collective.)

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