Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Straight Talk

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UPDATE: Wanted to say thanks to everyone for their kindness at this extremely difficult time. I'm just really upset because he was my first nephew/niece and I love him dearly. I just want to make it clear up front that I am NOT heterophobic in ANY WAY whatsoever. I'm just very concerned about my nephew and what kind of life he will have as a result of this choice. (It's not going to be an easy one; no one wants to be straight.) I fear his having to spend a lifetime worrying about unwanted pregnancies, arbitrary sports teams and morbid obesity; about his having to be in a relationship with someone he fundamentally has nothing in common with -- he wants to watch "the game," she wants to go shopping -- whose brain thinks and operates in a completely different way from his. I'm worried about his having to be constantly ready to get into a physical altercation any time someone challenges his "masculinity." Most of all, though, I'm just concerned that he has chosen a lifestyle that will be so much less interesting and fun. I'll still love him, though. He's my family.


Jeffery said...

I feel your pain.

northalabama said...

while i know it's a shock, kenneth, don't worry...i have lots of straight friends and family members, and they're just like regular people!

Six Pence said...

If you really cared, you would have had him sent for straight conversion therapy. If that was unsuccessful, probably due to his stubborn refusal to face facts, you could always try to pray away the straight.

Claude Remains said...

Ha,ha,ha!!! Join the club!!!!!

1426ri said...

You're not the only one with this problem. Ask Aunt Ida!

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