Thursday, June 22, 2017

Magazine Rack

What you're missing by no longer subscribing to magazines:

The Red Bulletin: Charlie Hunnam gets candid about being picked on as a kid

Esquire: Kit Harrington already died once

Elle magazine: Kate McKinnon is a once-in-a-generation comedic force

Rolling Stone: Fun to see Rachel Maddow on the cover, even if it doesn't have a fraction of the prestige it once did

Vanity Fair: Behind the scenes of one of Carrie Fisher’s final "Star Wars" photoshoots 

Modern Luxury Weddings: Why are all male models straight yet look so gay in spreads?

Entertainment Weekly: Wait'll you see a Speedo-clad Ricky Martin as Versace's lover in "American Crime Story"!

Time magazine: Will Robert Mueller separate fact from fiction?

The National Enquirer: Gee, how ever did he pull off this most difficult feat? 

1 comment:

Peter Maria said...

Funny you should mention RS's prestige. In Stephen King's novel Firestarter, the character Charlie (played by Drew Barrymore in the not-so-great film) goes to RS in the end to tell her story. It is implied that they are they only ones who can be trusted not to be under government influence and who will protect her. By the time I read that novel, I was like WTF?

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