Friday, April 07, 2017

Twitter Pulls Lawsuit After Trump Drops Attempt to Unmask User Critical of Him

With so many unsettling things going on -- Gorsuch confirmation, Russiagate, Nunes, Muslim ban 2.0, nepotism, Bannon's position on the National Security Council, etc. -- Trump's attempt to unmask the owner of a Twitter account critical of him has all but gotten lost in the shuffle. Congrats to Twitter for standing up to this fascist move, and to whomever got Trump to let it go. Might this rumored shakeup in the White House be a step in the right direction? If Bannon is further marginalized, then the answer clearly is yes. P.S. As tired as I am of hearing about Jared and Ivanka, news that Bannon and Jared are butting heads because Bannon thinks Trump/s son-in-law is "a Democrat!" has me rethinking things. If the Kushners really are our only hope, then I guess it's better their unqualified asses run things than some other hateful unqualified ass(hol)es.

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Stephen said...

There Donnie goes winning again. Man he wins a lot and bigly.

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