Friday, April 07, 2017

Writer Glenn O'Brien Is Dead at 70

 Glenn O’Brien, the editor and art director of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine in the early 1970s and more recently dispenser of fashion advice at GQ, has died at 70, Although some of his best moments were a bit "before my time," I wasted none thanks to YouTube reliving the magic of his New York City cable-access "TV Party" show, on which Debbie Harry was a frequent guest (and Chris Stein served as co-host), and was obsessed with his film "Downtown '81," a fairytale of sorts chronicling that special moment in NYC history when artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, filmmaker Amos Poe, Tish & Snookie (of Angel and the Snake fame!) and Lounge Lizard John Lurie ruled the scene.

I'll always remember my favorite letter to The Style Guy, where a guy said he sometimes wears Adidas shorts with a Nike shirt and Asics sneakers but wanted to know if it was OK. Glenn responded, in typical Glenn fashion, that he prayed to god the letter was a joke, because surely there couldn't be an actual human being who thought all of his clothing much "match" who wasn't being paid to endorse a brand!

Madonna remembers her friend and "Sex" collaborator.

Debbie on a pogo stick!

My pal Kevin Sessums remembers his sometime colleague.

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