Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Song of the Day: 'State I'm In' by Bananarama

You may have seen the exciting news over the weekend that Bananarama is gearing up for a U.K. tour along with former member Siobhan Fahey -- the original trio's first-ever proper live performances. Now a great interview in The Guardian and appearance on Chris Evans's BBC Radio 2 show answer some of the questions that quickly came to mind. For starters, the group would love to add dates in the U.S., but are waiting to see how they are received at home before doing so. (Please come to the U.S.!) Next, there is talk of recording a new single -- Siobhan lives in L.A., so they're working around that inconvenience -- but the tour should be seen as a Greatest Hits event, because they are finally at a point where they want to celebrate everything they've achieved. Regular readers know I am bananas for the girls. I only wish my brother Bill, who introduced me to them with Fun Boy Three's "It Ain't What You Do" and an import 12-single of "Shy Boy," were here to fan-boy out with me.

I heard a rumor ...

The state I'm in? Ecstasy! 

The reunion is a surprise, but I noticed this 2014 holiday shot the girls posted with pal Boy George, plus this 2013 reunion at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood. And the "Waterloo" and "Club G-A-Y" performances show the love was always there.

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Blobby said...

That's kind of fun. I haven't been much of a fan as when they became a duo (or worse, a Siobhan-less trio). I tried, but I didn't last long. Let's hope this works out.