Friday, February 03, 2017

This Week in Fascism

How's this for fear-mongering? My mom's best friend (who I'm pretty sure took a beating outside of Detroit for expressing any support for Hillary Clinton) wrote an impassioned post on Facebook (which my parents agreed with) letting people know that she and her husband would no longer engage in any political discussions whatsoever. (Apparently they had to walk out of an event that got heated in the days leading up to this.) While I'm certainly not criticizing a 70-something woman for doing what she has to do to keep sane -- she ended with your typical "Trump is president now so all we can do is hope he succeeds" adding that "When you love someone you respect their choices whether you agree or not!" -- it was all I could do not to chime in that it must be nice to be able to disconnect and just hope for the best. Our new president hasn't explicitly said he's coming after her. Our new president isn't shopping around an executive order to rob her of her rights and dignity. Our new president isn't making it harder for her to travel overseas to visit loved ones. Our new president isn't upending her years-long journey to get away from an abusive regime threatening to kill her children and her. (And specifically to my parents: you have a deathly ill son who desperately needs his health insurance to not have a payment ceiling, a gay son and two grandchildren of Mexican descent -- how much closer does it have to get before you become a Rob Portman?!) I was 48 years old before my country finally recognized that I was a fully equal citizen, and it was my belief that day in June 2015 that no other child would grow up believing he was less-than in the eyes of the law. To go back now is quite literally more than I can bear. I know a lot of us sound like broken records, but we're not "playing politics" here -- but they are playing with people's lives. 

This botched Yemen raid -- in which an 8-year-old girl who is a U.S. citizen was killed (that I'm sure no one cares about because of who her father is) -- would have been the end of any Democrat. Trump's branded it a "success."

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Anonymous said...

just wait until her social security benefits are cut, then she's given a handful of medicare vouchers and told to surf the internet for the best insurance plan she can find.