Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Song of the Day: 'O-o-h Child' by the Five Stairsteps

This song is such a classic it's hard to believe it peaked at No. 8. 

Did you know gender-bender Brit Marilyn recorded a (demo) cover, which was included on the compilation CD my friend Greg and I produced of the singer's work?

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James Greenlee said...

There are so many classic songs that you THINK were huge hits, until you check the Billboard charts or Wikipedia's discography of them. I was stunned to see how low some of ABBA's and Pat Benatar's "hits" ranked, for instance. They had some huge ones, no doubt, but songs I know as well as my name barely ranked.

ABBA examples: "Mama Mia" #32. "Waterloo" #27.
Benatar examples: "Promises in the Dark" #38. "You Better Run" #42.

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