Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Speedo-Clad Hunk Pens 'Love Notes to Men Who Don't Read'

Remember when regular gays could be deejays and writers and chefs -- now you need to look like this to be a novelist? See what Amazon has by North Morgan for you HERE.

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Do people like this even need to read? 

Description of his latest:
Between London and Los Angeles, the gym and the gay scene, Instagram and Grindr, what it means to be a gay man has never been so bisected. North Morgan’s third novel moves beyond the confines of fiction to examine how homosexuality’s acceptance into society has created a new breed of demons for a generation of men born as outsiders yet living at the forefront of popular culture. Heartbreaking but never far from humour, "Love Notes to Men Who Don’t Read" confirms Morgan’s place as the leading interpreter of gay culture on either side of the Atlantic.


JimmyD said...

Did you ever follow his blog, London Preppy ( http://londonpreppy.blogspot.com/ )
He fancied himself a Bret Easton Ellis-esque character. I did learn of some cool artists from him. His first book was ok. I will check this one out at some point.
Some would/will find him an arrogant cunt but I think he's young and finding his own voice. Good luck to him!

jaragon said...

That body speaks louder than words

JimmyD said...

THIRD novel? I missed one of them! Hello? Google?