Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Page 1 Roundup (02/21)

I try to take the day off from blogging and two hunky male models save six teenagers' lives who fell through the ice in Central Park?! Read HERE.

Ethan Turnbull and Bennett Jonas

Follow Bennett on Instagram HERE.

TSA was too busy strip-searching a wheelchair-bound grandmother to stop 11 people go through without screening / Read HERE.

This Russia scandal sadly is starting to have Iran-Contra written all over it, in that people cannot follow the story. Rachel Maddow gives it her best shot, following up on a New York Times piece about a pro-Russia peace plan with Ukraine put forward by a Ukrainian lawmaker and two of Trump's associates. Evidence shows that Trump's strategists and personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, are recommending allowing Russia to have Crimea and for the U.S. to lift sanctions -- and when confronted with the allegation Cohen has given four different version of events after first admitting he delivered the proposal to the White House.

"What is the president's personal lawyer [Cohen] doing meeting with a pro-Putin foreign politician, cooking up plans like this, to drop sanctions and outs Vladimir Putin's political enemies in other countries. Why is the president's personal lawyer doing being involved in that?" Watch HERE.

Knead Slime? These Business Girls Can Fix You Up / Read HERE.

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