Monday, February 20, 2017

CPAC Dumps Milo Yiannopoulos After He Defends Men Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Boys -- UPDATE

I've mostly stayed out of the Milo waters because I don't really know or care who he is, but do understand that his only goal is attention. (Of course, I used to say "Who the f**k cares about a Breitbart editor?" until one was crowned president.) But in the past 72 hours I have figured out that:

A. What the "First-Amendment-loving" white supremacist homocon troll seems to want is a safe space (to be awful to people) away from all those "babies who want safe spaces" (!)


B. Conservatives are finally turning on him for making a crack about blowing a priest -- yes, there was more to it than that, but the line was funny and of course we know Republicans are nothing if not humorless -- yet they had no problem with men grabbing women by the vagina, sexualizing little girls, rape allegations and a cabinet full of wife abusers -- and actually celebrated Milo for "gleefully aiming vitriol at liberals, gays, Jews, foreigners, Democrats, plus many others."

Damian thinks this is similar to what it's going to take for Republicans to finally turn on Trump, but with a twist. There's nothing Trump can say that will sour them on him -- no matter how atrocious he is -- but the minute he does something unorthodox policy-wise, however minor, they are going to go ape-shit. (I hope he's right -- it would fun to watch.) 


Not sure why they agreed to publish it in the first place, but this reversal should bolster his "martyr" status even further. [Sigh.]

Note to moronic "free speech" advocates: The First Amendment protects you from being incarcerated for what you say -- it doesn't give you immunity from consequences of things you say.

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