Friday, February 10, 2017

Constituents to Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Do Your Job!

During my darkest hours since Election Day my political-wonk lover has tried to keep me from hanging out on the ledge by saying either a few half-decent senators would wise up or the courts would be our savior. So far Republicans' abusive relationship with Trump -- or their being horrible people -- has kept any of them from doing the right thing, but the courts have given me hope, no more so than yesterday. Perhaps left out of the equation was the power of the people -- I believe in protests but feel when one party holds all the cards, they're more symbolic than anything -- which was beautifully on display yesterday when constituents of Rep. Jason Chaffetz demanded he hold a town-hall meeting so they could rip into him a new one. And guess what? It actually led to his doing his job -- asking for disciplinary action against Kellyanne Conway for publicly promoting Ivanka Trump's clothing line. (Now can we get him to investigate Trump?) For those who aren't familiar with the newish Utah congressman's work, he is truly the worst. Click HERE for maximum joy.

And in other Trump corruption news ...

We're not even a month into the new administration and top lawmakers are already calling for lying Trump's national security adviser, Mike Flynn, to be removed from office for violating the Logan Act.

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SFRowGuy said...

If Republicans politicians actually did stuff that benefited this country instead of lining their pockets, they would make this nation great again.