Thursday, February 09, 2017

Appeals Court Refuses to Reinstate Travel Ban, Dealing Trump Major Legal Blow

The New York Times reports that a three-judge federal appeals panel on Thursday unanimously refused to reinstate President Trump’s targeted travel ban, delivering the latest and most stinging judicial rebuke to his effort to make good on a campaign promise and tighten the standards for entry into the United States.

I haven't been this happy in months -- this has temporarily restored my faith in humanity, and reminded me that "we're" not the crazy ones here.

You were elected president, not czar. If you want to strengthen existing laws for visitors and immigrants, do it through the proper channels. FYI: Virtually every recent attacks on domestic soil has been committed by homegrown terrorists, not refugees or immigrants. And Sept. 11 was the work of people from Saudi Arabia, which was not on the magic list.

Read more on the ruling HERE.

Conservatives are all about freedom of religion -- as long as it's theirs.

Via WSJ: The ruling came as a result of a lawsuit brought by Washington state, which argued the travel ban is discriminatory. Noah Purcell, a lawyer for the state, told the appeals court panel on Tuesday that Mr. Trump and his advisers have made statements that “are rather shocking evidence of intent to harm Muslims.’’


BW said...

All I know is nine judges are about to get fired from the jobs they were elected to.

Anonymous said...

this is a blistering decision, the court thoroughly spanked the doj attorney regarding his arguments, and lack thereof (rightfully so).

nothing supports the claim of a political decision.

SFRowGuy said...

... and the funda-Mental fascist Christians will be responding to this abomination of travesty in the ABUSE of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 3 ... 2 ...

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