Friday, January 06, 2017

What We Know About Britney Spears's New Man

I've never understood the fascination with Britney Spears. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit her swarthy new lover caught my eye. Although I worry he's another "superfan" -- read: gay man -- looking to get close to his idol, there's no denying he's a huge step up from the person whose children she spawned. 

Celebrity couples are a bit of a cottage industry -- and figuring out which ones will last and which ones won't is the full-time job of entertainment reporters. Britney's track record with men is sketchy. But here's what we know about her latest flame, whose name is Sam Asghari. 

He played Britney’s love interest in her “Slumber Party” music video 

Pumped Persian

 He’s a personal trainer and fitness model who moved to the U.S. from Iran nine years ago.

His Instagram is a combination of the things I love most -- hot men and cats.

He's good with children.

He starred as a workman in Fifth Harmony’s music video “Work From Home”

He's got a beautiful smile, courtesy of Dr. Kam Kamangar in Agoura Hills, Calif.

And he looks good carrying a purse

Will they make it to 2018? No way of knowing -- but it will be fun watching the hunky half of this story!


Fit Studs said...

I've seen him online before, on IG, quite a few times... Such a stud!!!

I laughed how you wrote "He's good with children." before embedding Fifth Harmony's music video. Fits in just right! :D Right? They're basically kids.

David in Houston said...

He is VERY pretty.