Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sign Language

I must say, if I were a Trump supporter I would be REALLY happy with the way things are going so far. We are so f**ked.


northalabama said...

i said the same last night, the first week has to end already.

listening to schumer and co, they've already given up any resistance, except for possibly the scotus nominee.

and they wonder why we're here in the first place...

Dwight Williamson said...

Nixon got it in the end .Spicer, Conway and Preibus will destroy themselves with lying. It's abundantly clear that Hillary is not coming to save us but this, other than the lying is no worse than Cheney having an energy conference with big oil, to set prices or whatever, completely, off the public record. Lying in plain sight is at least a chance to fight back against them.!

SFRowGuy said...

8 (steps) years forward, 70 (steps) years back

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