Monday, January 09, 2017

Revisionist LGBT History 101

Let the countdown begin for next-generation LGBTQ activists to remember Barack Obama as the worst thing to happen to us since AIDS -- kind of like they recently did to Kimberly Peirce, director of the seminal 1999 trans film "Boys Don't Cry."

NewNowNext reports:
Students at Oregon’s Reed College heckled lesbian filmmaker Kimberly Peirce during a recent screening of her Oscar-winning film, "Boys Don't Cry." Carrying posters that read “Fuck your transphobia” and “You don’t fucking get it” among other things,” the student protestors were angry Peirce had cast cisgender actress Hilary Swank, who won the Oscar for her performance, instead of a trans man. Other were bothered by what they saw as the glorification of rape and violence against trans bodies, and a cis filmmaker “profiting” off the death of a transgender person.
You know, because Peirce was all about the money, not trying to show the world the risk transgender people face every day just by trying to be their authentic selves. If you don't understand the problem with holding people from the past to today's standards, you don't know the first thing about political movements.

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macguffin Fifty four said...

The same kinds of people who see Madonna as an enemy of gay people, someone who has, in their way of thinking, exploited gay people for profit and popularity (because being a supporter of gay people has always been "cool", right?) while, supposedly giving nothing back. Morons.

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