Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nora Burns Brings 'David's Friend' to The Club at La Mama

Became a huge fan of Nora Burns after seeing her in Unitard's "House of Tards" and simply cannot wait to see her latest performance of "David's Friend," described as a fast-paced, multi-media celebration of friendship, fun, freaks, fag hags, youthful passion, change, memories, Manhattan and the power of a great dance song.

From a release:

Veterans of the East Village in the 1980s, a heady era, continue to tell their stories of a hellish yet halcyon time in their lives. Nora Burns, the veteran downtown performer, wrote and performs “David’s Friend.” It conjures the club scene of NYC in the 1980s, when Nora was a brazen fag hag in love with her gay friend, David. Yes, David met his end during the plague years, but this show is more of an irreverent celebration than a pious memorial -- it's a comic odyssey about love, loss, cruising, disco, drag queens, strippers, sex, AIDS and New York City. Told with music, videos, costumes, characters, tall tales and torrid truths, it's the story of a crazy friendship in a restless city during a reckless time. "David’s Friend” runs at The Club at La Mama Jan 27 to Feb 5. Tickets HERE.
I'll be there opening weekend -- hope to see you then!

(Photo by Jason Rodgers)

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