Friday, May 15, 2015

Comedy Trio Plays Its 'Tards' Right

Can't rave enough about Unitard's "House of Tards," a smart sketch comedy set by downtown notables David Ilku, Nora Burns and Mike Albo, whose one-man show "The Junket" was one of my favorite theatrical performances of last year. Sending up everything from New York ennui experts and social-media slaves to healthy-eating hedonists and Park Avenue moms with "an edge," "House of Tards" is 60 minutes of laugh-out-loud bits with surprisingly few misses. It's been extended for two more Thursdays at the Stonewall Inn (upstairs), and trust me when I say the Jihad Comedy Jam is worth the price of admission! Tickets and info HERE.

  With Mike and my friend Greg after the show

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