Monday, January 30, 2017

Is an Anti-LGBT Executive Order on the Horizon? -- UPDATE

Sources say the order will sanction discrimination against the LGBT community in areas including employment, social services, business and adoption. White House spokesman Sean Spicer would neither confirm nor deny the report.

(To those who said he didn't mean all the horrible things he said on the campaign trail and that it wouldn't make that big of a difference if he won or if Hillary won I say: f**k you all.)

Is Trump mentally ill? A former employee more than willing to say.

It's really come to this.


Josh Rogin of The Washington Post has confirmed a draft of the anti-LGBT order does exist. Thanks, everyone.


NYT is reporting that Trump is not going to strip Obama's 2014 workplace protections for LGBT people. Wouldn't normally call simply not undoing your predecessor's just actions commendable, but given the players involved I am cautiously relieved. (Did that question from the Washington Blade's Chris Johnson and the backlash that followed spook our new "president"?) The Times notes that leaving those protections intact does not, however, preclude another executive order that would roll back gay rights in other areas, in an attempt to appeal to the Kim Davis crowd. Trump could, for example, still enshrine a religious freedom provision in federal policy. Stay tuned.


 American Civil Liberties Union LGBT Project Director James Esseks had the following reaction: “Actions speak louder than words. President Trump has surrounded himself with a vice president and cabinet members who have repeatedly sought to sanction discrimination against LGBT people in the name of religion, and nothing in the White House’s statement makes clear that these efforts are behind us. LGBT immigrants, refugees, Muslims, and women have already come under attack by this administration. If Donald Trump is serious about being an ally to the LGBT community, it starts with abandoning an agenda driven by fear and prejudice.”


BingoGroupie said...

How can this come in a executive order? We have to get out and fight this crap. No one is going to do it for us.

Edgar_Carpenter said...

Kenneth, Thank you so much for your forthrightness about Trump, and all those people who supported him in spite of his vileness. Yes, f**k them all.

Anonymous said...

i hope susan sarandon is pleased with the way this is turning out.

f*ck her new movie, too.