Friday, December 09, 2016

Susan Olsen's Downward Thspiral Into Conthpirathcy-Theory Madnethss -- UPDATE

UPDATE: A source tells me Susan Olsen has been fired from her LA Talk Radio show, "Two Chicks Talkin' Politics." The network issued this statement in response to the controversy that seems to confirm this:

You can reach the station via Twitter HERE or Facebook HERE.

I found out TV's Susan Olsen (aka Cindy Brady) was a right-wing, Islamophobic loon nearly 10 years ago after I (happily) contributed to her book about the short-lived Brady Bunch variety show. (I had to unfriend her on Facebook to escape the idiocy.) Now it seems the whole world knows, as she's taken to calling people who call her out on her spreading of misinformation things like "little pussy" (Madonna's favorite word -- sigh) and a "lying faggot." Florence Henderson is turning in her grave. Read the sad details HERE.

As my friend Matt said: Who knew Buddy Hinton was the hero of that "baby talk" episode?!


CAsey said...

Thspiral - I'm thinking, I'll have to look up this word. AHA! Making fun of someone lisp is mean, but in the case....... hysterical!

Unknown said...

Robert Reed can't be sitting too content in his grave, either.

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