Friday, December 09, 2016

Stocking Stuffers

With the holiday season upon us, thought I'd share a few gift ideas on my shopping list. By the way: If you liked my memoir, would be most appreciative if you could write an Amazon review, which keeps older titles in the mix. xo

"Journal of Grievances" by Geoffrey Dicker

Warning: this book is recommended for immature audiences only. It contains ridiculous amounts of adult language and really twisted situations. Journal of Grievances is a controversially raw and uncensored look into the ups and downs (both in and out of the bedroom) of a struggling, single gay male writer in New York. Told through daily journal entries on his year long approach to 40, the protagonist spills his guts with hilarious wit as he waxes philosophically and analyzes his raunchy sex life, drug addictions, debauched relationships, life encounters, and his frustrations with society while navigating through relationship drama and job-loss as he struggles to find his place in the world. This is Geoffrey Dicker's first novel. He asks that if you are easily offended by profanity or graphic depictions of gay sex to please not buy this book. Alternately, he advises the reader to flip to any page and promises that within 2 sentences, you'll be laughing. Order HERE.

"Skyscraper" by Scott Alexander Hess

Set in modern day Manhattan, Skyscraper is the story of Atticus, a down on his luck architect who stumbles into an S&M bar and meets a sensual young man who changes the direction of his life. What begins as a random pick-up evolves into an intense game of sexual domination as Atticus finds himself wildly invigorated both as a man and an architect. As his new relationship deepens, his creativity simultaneously catches fire and he lands a prime architectural job at his firm designing Mexico City's boldest new high rise tower. Soon his two worlds collide as the novel takes a Kafkian turn and the thin line between reality and fantasy, pleasure and pain threatens to explode. Order HERE.

"Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? A Memoir" by Kenneth M. Walsh

In the summer of ’77, while other boys in the Midwest were busy playing Little League and flocking to see Star Wars, young Kenny Walsh was obsessed with Chris Evert and Woody Allen movies — and daydreamed about moving to New York City. But when his family headed west from the suburbs of Detroit to Phoenix, it was the first in a series of events that set his Big Apple ambitions on the wrong course. In this funny and moving memoir, Walsh recounts an idiosyncratic childhood that included an attempt to track down a crazed serial killer, a First Amendment battle with his fourth-grade principal, running the local KKK (that’s Kenny’s Kid Kare) babysitting service — and the mysterious disappearance of his father. Post-college jobs took him to Hollywood and Washington, D.C. — where trouble followed (porn stars, celebrity doppelgängers, anxiety disorders) — yet he still didn’t feel at home. Walsh finally arrived in Manhattan the week of his thirty-first birthday … but was tomorrow as wonderful as he dreamed it would be? Order HERE.

"Starf*cker: A MEMEoir" by Matthew Rettenmund

What is a starf*cker? However you define it, Matthew Rettenmund, author of the acclaimed novel Boy Culture and the popular blog, readily admits to being one. The ultimate pop-culture enthusiast, he has been obsessed with celebrities ever since he was born. This hilarious, sexy memoir (arranged by memes) documents Rettenmund's affection—in the case of Madonna, it's pure mania—for movie, television, and music personalities. From his years as a star-obsessed gayby to his contradictory careers in porn and as a teen-mag editor (names will be named), Rettenmund details and deconstructs his—and our—passion for celebrity. Order HERE.

"Encyclopedia Madonnica 20" by Matthew Rettenmund

For the Madonna fan who has everything (else)! Order HERE.

"Alaska Thunderfun and the Inner Space Odyssey" by Matthew Rettenmund and Alaska Thunderf*ck

New Year's Eve, 1979: A lonely military outpost is about to have its mind blown by an unexpected guest — a leggy bombshell from the planet Glamtr0n. Crash-landing on earth, the newly named Alaska Thunderfun is immediately captured by military men eager to exploit her body's out-of-this-world special powers. But Alaska doesn't give up without a fight, and soon finds herself on a wild ride to the fabled Hollywood she's read about in her home planet's school books, a journey that will introduce her to a lesbian truck driver, an androgynous fashion model, and America's glamorous, garish 1980s pop culture. Will Alaska succeed in eluding her would-be kidnappers? Will she become a superstar on Earth before she finds her way back home? And what is it about her amazing body that holds the key to survival, and to the happiness of one of her newfound friends? Read this exciting, uplifting adventure to discover the legend of Alaska! Order HERE.

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