Monday, December 05, 2016

Republican Pat McCrory Finally Concedes Defeat In North Carolina

You can say Democrats were out of touch with the concerns of average Americans all you want. (Wrong.) But the only election that was specifically fueled by one of our so-called "boutique" issues was the North Carolina governor's race, which HB2-supporting incumbent Pat McCrory wore like a badge of honor, and guess what? He LOST. And he lost in a state that Donald Trump won. (How does that add up? Think misogyny and voter-suppression efforts.) Only Democrats would blame themselves for being on the right side of history and not being able to control the whims of ill-informed to flat-out racist voters. That we consistently win more votes overall in House races and presidential contests -- and lost the White House by a mere 100,000 in three states -- only bolsters the fact that the (slight) majority of Americans are not awful people. Republican strategists have definitely outfoxed Democrats with redistricting. But here's hoping this dreadful state of affairs inspires us to get behind President Obama's post-office call to fix this problem so the majority can rule again, as intended. 

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Tim said...

pres elec not affected by redistricting. It was lost to voter suppression tactics. Over 300K registered voters in WI couldn't get a valid ID from the state even with the state under court order to issue them. Kris Kobach's cross-state voter purge created a list of up to 7 MILLION voters supposedly registered in multiple states that he shared with all republican controlled states and the list was used to purge voters from the rolls. Think of it this way. Clinton only won one swing state (VA) and it happened to be the only swing state where voting process was controlled by Dems instead of Republicans.

Exit polls that showed Clinton winning were probably accurate because voters THOUGHT they voted for her only to have the state throw out their provisional ballots.