Friday, November 04, 2016

When Tennis Was a Sport of the 'People'

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While it's true that tennis has never been a bigger and more international sport than it is now -- Serena Williams has taken in more than $80 million in prize money alone to Chris Evert's $8 million career earnings -- I don't think anything illustrates the point of how much "bigger" tennis was back in the day than the number of times the Ice Maiden was featured on People, a magazine whose cover wouldn't touch a tennis player with a 10-foot pole these days. Whether she was arriving on the scene, having high-profile affairs, marrying or starting a family, People couldn't get enough -- nor could I.

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On top of that, can you imagine anyone since Andre Agassi warranting coverage like this?

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Have Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova or either Williams sister ever been on the cover?

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Starting to look like Andre Agassi was the last true tennis star. Roger and Serena are beloved in the tennis world, but their crossover appeal pales in comparison to the heroes of yesteryear.

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