Monday, October 03, 2016

Grant Show Wasn't the Only Fine Art on 'Melrose Place'

Couldn't help but notice on my way to my hectic job at D&D Advertising this morning that a pool hall called Shooters just opened up across the street from my apartment building in Chelsea. Cameron Diaz lives in nearby Walker Tower, but now I'm more interested in a possible Jake Hanson sighting ...

Turns out I'm not having an Ecstasy-related '90s hallucination. The Red Bull Music Academy is hosting an exhibition of by conceptual artist Mel Chin, who persuaded Aaron Spelling from 1995 to 1997 to allow him to provide artworks and props for the sudsy show’s apartment-complex set, with coded cultural messages on topics like reproductive rights, American foreign policy, alcoholism and sexual politics. (Huh?)

And all these years I thought the only message from "Melrose Place" was how to hide a giant zig-zag scar under your wig. Read HERE.

From HERE.

   The original Shooters.

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