Thursday, September 01, 2016

On the Rag, Vol. 423

A weekly look at what's making news in the free gay mags:

Get Out!: Get to know Alexander Maravilla HERE.

QX (London): Catching up with comedian Nadya Ginsburg, known for her spot-on impersonations of Cher, Madonna and Winona Wyder! Read HERE.

Next: Back to 'Drag Race' / Read HERE.

I'm not surprised people objected to Next's piece last week on "Finding Prince Charming" star Robert Sepulveda Jr. But the problem here isn't slut-shaming. It's lies and deception. Sepulveda finally came clean about his past as an escort, but insisted the past was the past and that he was a businessman now. But now reliable sources are saying he's been turning tricks up until filming started, and his "design firm" is allegedly a front for his escorting. The Huffington Post's Noah Michelson tried to clean this mess up by saying he thought it was a good thing that Logo's dating show wasn't so "heteronormative" thanks to Robert's past. But that's total nonsense. The show is 100 percent heteronormative -- the name, the format, everything about it. The way they could have gone against the grain is if Sepulveda HAD BEEN HONEST about his background. (Logo was reportedly blindsided.) Then the show could have been a real-life "Pretty Woman" instead of merely a "Gay Bachelor," which we've already seen on Bravo. Read HERE.

"American Idol" alum David Hernandez opens up HERE.

Next (South Florida): Fort Lauderdale gym owner reveals his colorful past / Read HERE.

Frontiers (L.A.): The fall culture and style preview is on stands now! Info HERE.

Q Salt Lake: Huntsman, Urquhart, Turpin join Equality Utah Board of Directors / Read HERE.

Metro Weekly (D.C.): A powerful new exhibit celebrates lesbian artist Romaine Brooks, who painted against the grain of her time, with women often dressed in ambiguously masculine garb / Read HERE.

Julian is an artist, a music manager, a bartender, a man of many ideas and many trades / Read HERE.

Lavender (Twin Cities): The 2016 fall arts and dining issues is online now HERE.

Gloss (SF): Celebrating 40 years of Steamworks! Read HERE.

Winq: Australia's marriage-equality referendum will be mandatory / Read HERE.

Edge Boston: In a world that is increasingly polarized, beloved figures like Dolly Parton are a rarity. Download HERE.

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David Wagner said...

I lost a lot of respect for Dolly Parton last week when she said that BOTH presidential candidates are "nuts." I'm sure Dolly is just trying to placate her fans, most of whom are Trump voters, but there's no reason on Earth to say that Hillary Clinton is nuts. So Dolly is no longer loved by me.