Thursday, September 01, 2016

Logo’s ‘Gay Bachelor’ Dating Show Scrambles Over Reveal of Star’s Sex Worker Past

Logo's PR department still hasn't responded to my request about the subject, but it looks like The Wrap got the full story
The network was blindsided by the disclosure, TheWrap has learned, and is scrambling to contain the PR nightmare as gay activists join the growing chorus of critics for a show that’s been dubbed the gay version of “The Bachelor” and is set to premiere Sept. 8. A person close to the situation told TheWrap the network followed “standard protocol” when vetting Sepulveda and that “nothing came up during the background check.” “The network didn’t find out until well into production,” he added.
A reader of mine put it best when he said the producers of "Finding Prince Charming" must have used the same firm that vetted the Trump leadership team.

See the 10 inches everyone's talking about HERE.

UPDATE: Boy Culture has dug up a photo shoot from 10 years ago HERE.


Anonymous said...

If the producers of this show are anything like those of The Bachelor, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing and all about his past. Any publicity is good publicity for these shows. All that matters is that people are talking about it. Gay activists can cry foul all they want, but the bottom line is that way more people are going to watch now because of this "controversy" (or because this is how they learned the show even exists) than however many will tune out over it. Well played, Logo.

dishy said...

I think he's unattractive anyway!

Bob K said...

I never had 10 inches, but I did re-design a lot of mens' interiors back in the day. It's no shock that this guy is a working man, and I do not think that disqualifies him from husband hunting. If he is an honest sex worker, who am I, who fucked men in public in New York and elsewhere, to look down on him?