Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Song of the Day: 'Love or Money' by Marilyn

Legendary Blitz Club figure and '80s pop tart Marilyn is back with his first single in three decades, yet it sounds like the natural follow-up to "Pray for That Sunshine." I'm perplexed who is backing this unlikely comeback -- for someone who has long been out of the public eye and battling addiction, girlfriend's body still rocks! -- but welcome it just the same. Please visit us in the Big Apple, Maz!

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Unknown said...

i have been following my fav 80s singers on twitter for long time and for example Marilyn I couldnt be more more thrilled for him and his fan who have been waiting for his return...The man has talent and charisma...Just like more BoyGeorge...and others....its great Marilyn has a great song now and hopefully more to come...I have waited for long time to see his hard work and dreams to finally unfold...May he stay happy blessed and so much more....A FL Fan and 80s Fan too