Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Clinton/Kaine 2016: At Least She's Not a Sociopath!

From HERE.

This should seal the deal.

P.S. I finally came out on Facebook as not just voting for Hillary because she's the lesser of two evils, but because I think she's be a great president. The response was pretty incredible -- a lot of people thanked me for finally saying what they've been afraid to say, many people agreed that they too had no idea what these "lies" were all about, and the handful of naysayers proved to me that there's still nothing to this smear campaign against the former secretary of state. Cannot wait to elect the first woman president in November -- especially this one! If you want in on the action, add me HERE.


Paul PS said...

There's an Opinion piece in today's (Tuesday's) The Desert Sun (local paper in Palnm Springs) that pretty well summarizes the lies being told about what Hillary has supposedly lied about. I'm sure you can find it online. It spells it out pretty clearly but I'm sure it will do nothing to move those who think Trump is the answer -- and he is -- to a question nobody in the right mind is asking.

Drue Gawel said...

If you look on Politifact, you can find many lies from Hillary. Pants on fire lies (five of them) include being fired upon by sniper while landing in Bosnia and I'm the only candidate who Wall Street is running attack ads against - they are running them against everyone. Regular lies include: She says she never received classified emails on her personal server. We have driven health care cost down to the lowest they have been in 50 years. and 23 other lies (or false statements as Politifact calls them). Of course Trump rates 37 pants on fire lies and 76 plain old lies (false statements). And I would imagine they just get tired of recording all his lies. And while I am sure there are lies being said about lies that Hillary has said. She certain has had some whoppers. She isn't truthful all the time. She is a politician. Trump frequently isn't truthful. And more scary, I don't think he often knows when he lies. I think this election should be easy for any sane voter to decide. But we need to recognize that for conservatives, to vote for Hillary, they have to accept they are going to get nothing that they want. Whereas they might get something they want with Trump (most I would think know he is a con man given his record). I think many are seeing that while Hillary would hurt them in almost any cause they believe (even though she tends to act more centrist than she campaigns and is definitely pro military intervention), Trump actually is a real threat to democracy (he says that he will limit the press, he can't possibly find competent people willing to work for him aside from his children, and advocates torture, and will use the government to attack his opponents) and the world (Russia would never invade Ukraine and we won't support our allies). So kudos to those Republicans and Conservatives who are courageous enough to not vote for Trump because they love their country more than the causes that are dear to their heart which will surely not advance under Hillary.

Anonymous said...

here's the link (as of today), you can also search the site for "hillary clinton" for the story "Constituent asks Assemblyman Chad Mayes to reveal who he supports":


while not a complete list, this rebuttal to another reader's letter detailing the supposed "History of Hillary’s lies", which the paper describes as "a textbook example of how the Republican Party has effectively disseminated innuendos, deceptions, distortions and outright, which are now viewed by the chronically-uninformed as fact", was a good read.

thanks for posting, paul.

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