Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (08/03)

Jogger founded slain in Queens / Read HERE.

Obama should have illegally sold the Iranians weapons and lied about it and then he'd be considered the greatest president of all time! Read HERE.

As much as I feel President Obama felt compelled, for love of country, to speak out against Donald Trump's candidacy, I really wish we'd keep focused on the fact that it's the Republican platform that we're running against here, not one person. Trump rose to the top of the heap by feeding into the GOP's delusion that white people are the victims of a changing society. And now that he's finally being called out on all of the horrible things he's said/done, he's portraying himself as a victim who is being unfairly ganged-up on -- just as longtime racists who are finally being called out on their crap are. (Now he truly is "one of them"!) In short: They're all this awful, he's just a bit louder. Read HERE.

JFK's Airport Dentist Braces for Change / Read HERE.

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