Thursday, July 28, 2016

Debbie Harry's 'Koo Koo' Turns 35

I've written a lot about the Blondie singer's solo debut -- HERE, HEREHERE, HERE and HERE to point you to a few. But still I can't resist marking its 35th birthday after coming across this poster, which I amazingly did not have. 

QUESTION: What's your favorite Deb solo album?

I did, however, have the (very cool) light box and combo "Koo Koo"/"Best of Blondie" promo poster.


Blobby said...

Koo Koo is still my favorite. It was ahead of it's time then - and actually, still is.

dishy said...

Koo Koo - it still plays beautifully

Greg Jelinek said...

ROCKBIRD, honey!

Taffy said...

Koo Koo is brilliant. Rockford has horrible (and dated) production. Def Dumb & Blonde is delightful. Debravation is muddles and aimless (but there's a great album in there). Necessary Evil is overlong and "trendy." Some of her best work are the soundtrack singles (Feel the Spin, Rush Rush).

Donald Martin said...


Matthew said...

She only made one: ROCKBIRD.

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