Monday, February 16, 2009

It Makes the People Keep Grooving

I've got just one word to describe this little-seen clip of Debbie Harry promoting "The Jam Was Moving," the second single from her debut solo album, "Koo Koo": Wow!

It's made to look like she's actually recording the song -- but clearly she's lip-synching for the camera. (Anyone know what this was actually from?) For reasons that are completely unclear to me, the funky Nile Rodgers-Bernard Edwards-penned song stalled at No. 82 on the Billboard chart -- and failed to chart at all in the U.K. (And all this time I "they" had such better taste than we do!) However, the album's first single -- the prophetically titled "Backfired" -- just missed the U.S. top 40 (peaking at No. 43, sadly Harry's biggest solo single to date) while hitting No. 32 in the U.K.

Clockwise from top left: The U.S. "Backfired" single; the U.K. "Jam Was Moving" (even though it was a bigger "hit" in America, I don't remember ever seeing a single here; the Mexican and Japanese "Backfired" singles

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    Writer said...

    Do you remember the song "Maybe For Sure"? And do you remember Debbie singing for the movie Rock 'N' Rule?

    SF Shorts said...

    Watching her makes me like this song much less now... she's better than that...

    Stephen said...

    I love Blondie & Debbie. Rapture was actually the first "rap" I ever heard.
    Koo Koo is a fave of mine. I love the song "Jump Jump". I sing it to my dogs.

    Tom said...

    I loved "Koo Koo," but this was still the album era, and a lot of people were REALLY replused by the album cover at the time. I think it even put a chill on "The Hunter," as well.

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