Thursday, June 30, 2016

Turning of the Tide

Speaking of people insisting there isn't much light between the Republican and Democratic parties. Take a look at this New York Times article Gay Marriage, a Year Later. It features my friends Scott and Daniel and look what Scott said!
Mr. Prendergast: My husband’s parents are immigrants from Korea. They were a bit hesitant and frightened by the idea of a big public wedding. They wanted us to keep the whole thing more private, discreet. It was very helpful to have the actual president of the United States on television saying this was a good thing. The tidal wave of news and social media posts about gay marriage gave us some legitimacy at the exact right moment.  
We got married three months after the Supreme Court ruling. The parents had a great time at the wedding. In the end, I think they wished they had invited more family. And despite their initial requests for discretion, the national public embrace maybe made it easier for them to tell family back in Korea.

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