Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Three Lives & Co. Bookstore Says Building Sold, Lease Now Month to Month

Jeremiah's Vanishing New York is reporting that Toby Cox of Three Lives & Co. has notified customers that the building in which the bookstore is housed has been sold, meaning things could unravel very quickly if the new owners decide they have other plans for the space. While this isn't a done deal, the fact that Cox says the lease wasn't renewed -- they're now on a month-to-month deal -- is more than a bit foreboding.  

Besides being my favorite bookstore shoppingwise, it's also the first one in the city to carry my book when it came out -- even giving me the star treatment when I stopped one afternoon, asking me to sign copies of "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" I know these closings are becoming sorely routine, but I must confess that if it were to happen to Three Lives, it would be the biggest blow the neighborhood has faced to date. Here's hoping the shop has a few more lives in it yet.

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Stephen said...

Sad any time a book store may close, especially this one. : (