Friday, June 24, 2016

Steel Gym, a Gay Institution in Chelsea, Abruptly Goes Out of Business

Was shocked to see that Steel Gym, long known as the steroid capital of New York City, put up a sign notifying members that it is ceasing operations. Ironically, I had just taken this photo above because I was stunned to see that they had just put up a new sign, which was undoubtedly the first capital expenditure the gym had made in 20 years. A sign stating owner Ken Hunt "is a sleaze" followed the closing notice. Please contact me if you know anything about any of these "many circumstances" that led to its demise.

I never worked out at Steel, but applied for an apartment in the high-rise in which it's located. I didn't make enough money to get approved for the apartment, but I've occassionally wondered how my life might have been different if I had, in a "Sliding Doors" kind of way. 

Ken Hunt wrote this piece for the Feb. 23, 2013, issue of Get Out magazine.

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Esti said...

I hired a trainer named Milo And he almost killed me ... He gave me illegal prescription drugs to take as a diuretic and I almost died. I didn't know they where prescription drugs given to diabetics who retain to much water in their bodies. I almost died! I spoke to the owner to complain about it and he was a total jerk defending that trainer who almost took my life. So glad they are closed permanently!!! Karma took care of them!!!

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