Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Obamas Lease $4.3 Million Home in Tony D.C. Neighborhood

Get a load of the Obamas' post-First Family digs, in the wealthy Kalorama neighborhood of Washington. (My best friend down there, Ken, used to live on California Street and it was the most gorgeous area I've ever seen!) The house features nine bedrooms, an exercise room, and even a butler's pantry. (Can I please come for a visit, Michelle?!) I believe they're leasing because they're only staying in the capital until Sasha graduates from high school. See the whole spread HERE.


Peter Maria said...

I only know what I've seen in movies, so my sources are indeed questionable. However, I think ex-presidents and their families are entitled to Secret Service protection for the rest of their lives. Maybe some of the bedrooms are for the agents?

Anyway, I think it's great that they are staying in the area so their daughter can finish school.

BW said...

Kalorama is a great choice, an easy walk from Dupont Circle. I was expecting somewhere way up in Northwest D.C. that might as well be Maryland.

SFRowGuy said...

The house's owner will be able to place a plaque -- B. Obama slept here.

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