Monday, May 16, 2016

Man Receives First Penis Transplant in the United States

The recipient -- Thomas Manning, 64, a bank courier from Halifax, Mass., who lost his penis to cancer -- called the development huge, but you know how guys tend to exaggerate. (Rim shot!) All kidding aside, read about this procedure that could virtually save the (quality of) life of so many men wounded in war and other cancer survivors HERE.


macguffin Fifty four said...

Does it make him gay if he's going to masturbate someone else's dick (assuming it will work).

stoney8 said...

As much as I love horror movies something about getting a dead person's body part that's not going to be hidden inside you freaks me out. I mean God forbid if I had say a hand transplant, that would totally change the "finger lickin good" slang when I'm eating kfc. ps stay away from glory holes in the city where he lives cause the next dick could be a dead man's dick

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