Friday, April 15, 2016

Poser Film Strikes a Balance

Boy Culture's Matthew Rettenmund saw the Madonna-Blond-Ambition-backup-dancers-who-were-in-Truth-or-Dare documentary, "Strike a Pose," and was impressed by its fairness. (You may recall some of the dancers sued Madonna when the film came out.) I remember hanging out at Rage in West Hollywood with some of them as their fame decrescendoed -- might be fun to see what they are up to 25 years later. Read HERE.

Not surprisingly, Page Six used its trademark anonymous sources to put the ugliest spin possible on the documentary.


Great interview with Slam, who got hearts racing in the "Vogue" video before going on tour with the ambitious gang, Turns out he was diagnosed HIV positive when he was 18 but kept it secret from much of his family until ... last year. Read HERE.

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James Greenlee said...

I saw Truth or Dare in a single-screen cinema in a small town in Ohio. My friend and I sat in front of two old ladies who CLEARLY thought the "Madonna" of the title was Jesus' mama. Their running commentary (before they abruptly left) was hysterical.

As much as I love Madonna, and her music of this period, I never liked her brother's artistry, or the pointy girdle-bras, or her top-mounted ponytail look. I DID love the mockumentary, Medusa: Dare to be Truthful by Julie Brown.

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