Monday, April 18, 2016

'Girls' Behaving Badly

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No, it's just you.

I guess the first red flag from these three reviewers is that one of them made a reference to not crying this much since "the second season of 'Grey's Anatomy.'" (Oh, dear.)

Actually, despite the headline, one of them got it mostly right:

I liked last season! I liked this season, too, though I’m in the minority because I absolutely hated “The Panic in Central Park,” where Charlie re-emerges and turns out to be a heroin addict. And I did not love “Homeward Bound,” last week’s episode where Hannah dumps Fran, jumps on Ray, and eventually hitchhikes back to New York. But I wanted “Hello Kitty,” the Kitty Genovese episode, to last for nine hours; I was riveted, and the closing moments, when Hannah realizes that Jessa and Adam are together, just knocked me out. I would have called it the best acting moment of the “Girls” season, but Elijah’s slow crumple as he realizes his not-quite-boyfriend Dill is rejecting him might best it.
I would go on about how I rewatched some of the first season and confirmed that four years later the characters are now less-mature caricatures of what they started out as -- my friend Greg says Lena Dunham went to the Ryan Murphy School of Forgetting What You Previously Wrote -- but I'm so exhausted by this show/topic I will just reiterate how relieved I am that this season is over.

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